Washington Anniversary Session

Jakob & Kristen

Getting together with Jess for a couples photo session was the first time we had taken professional photos in 3 years, since our wedding! We had so much fun walking into the wilderness and spending time together out at Horsethief Butte. Our wedding day, while special, was unforgettable in a couple of not so great ways… there was a dead seal on the section of beach we got married on, my in laws interrupted the first five minutes of pictures to ask if they could leave to get their fishing licenses for the next day, and the photographer kept telling me to “act like you like Jakob,” which was so weird to me, because of course I like this man- I’m marrying him today! When I look at my wedding pictures, I am so thankful to have had Jakob by my side, but seeing them still brings up a bit of PTSD due to all the stress and frustration of that day.

Our experience with Jess was nothing short of redemptive. We had so much fun laughing and just being us with Jess. She never expected me to react in a way that was foreign to me, or made me feel guilty for the way I did or didn’t look. When we got the pictures back from her, it was so nice to look at how she captured us and remember the fun we had that day, rather than having images attached to a less than fun memory. I really can’t say enough how much we appreciate and treasure the images Jess captured for us! We will hang them on our wall and enjoy the memories for years to come!


Montana Couples PhotographerScott & Sarah

Jess had a really fun way of getting us to smile naturally in our photos. I don’t think there were any pictures from our session where I looked at them and thought that we looked “stiff” or “posed”; we just looked like we were having a really good time. Definitely book a session with Jess, if you want to have a really good time laughing outside, and get some really authentic and beautiful photos. 

Central Oregon Couples PhotographyGarrett & Alexa

Jessica has an eye for adventure and an experienced way of capturing that in her photography. The moment I saw the photos she took of us, I felt our sense of adventure and love come through in our natural smiles and body language. Jessica is fun, professional, and talented – we enjoyed our session with her!

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